I wanna tell you a secret...

who am i?
well, my name is patsy, 19 years old college student. I have had good times and bad times just like any other teenager. hmmm in a relationship? yeah I am in one.
If you want to know more ask away. (:

Her (2013) | Lost in Translation (2003)

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One of the nicknames given to Mars by the ancient Egyptians was sekded-ef em khetkhet, which means “who travels backwards,” a clear reference to its apparent retrograde motion. It was mysterious to the early observers, but with our current understanding we know that this retrograde motion is entirely an illusion caused by the Earth passing the slower moving Mars, which has a larger orbit.
Image credit: Cenk E. Tezel & Tunc Tezel
Animation credit: Eugene Alvin Villar

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The thing about being an adult that no one tells you growing up is that you don’t feel like an adult. All your stupid insecurities and anxieties are still there, only you feel more stupid and insecure about being stupid and insecure because you’re not supposed be stupid and insecure anymore. You’re supposed to have the answers. You’re supposed to know. But we don’t always know. And those answers? They’re not always easy to come by. Well you know what? I’m done feeling stupid and insecure about feeling stupid and insecure. The truth is, I think part of being an adult is that you stop waiting for yourself to change and you start to accept who you are.